Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Count down!

Well, 1 1/2 hours to go at work, then 10 days off.  US Nationals, here I come!  Some day I will show at Nationals, not this year, but someday.  Wonder who I will meet, who I will see.  What awsume rides I will get to witness.  Old friends, new friends, good times.  Pictures and updates coming soon!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New day

It has been a long day.  So tired, don't know why.  Excited because I have just 3 more days of work then US Nationals in Tulsa.  Arabian horses for 8 days!  And shopping and learning and, and, ....

Today, Sally put a saddle on Chester and lunged him a little bit.  He did fine.

It's a good start.  Now I need to get started on the rest of them boogers.

Got videos from my son and daughter in law in St. Louis.  My youngest grandson, Kobe,  is finally walking.  Will try to put it on here, but not sure how just yet.  It makes me want to pick him up and hug him and never let go!!!!  I miss them!!!!!!  Kaleb their oldest is in Kindergarten, he sent me school pictures for my birthday.  Love them!  He had a really big week this past week.  He won a bike in a raffle at Dairy Queen, (and it doesn't have training wheels), then the next day he tied his shoes by himself, and then lost his second tooth!  What an exciting week for a 5 year old!  They grow up even faster when they are your grandchildren.  Need to go up and see them very soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Road Trip!

Wensday was the day.  Time to take the horse trailer back to my dad's house so the dogs have a warm place for the winter.  We got up early, feed, gassed up the truck.  Made lots of coffee and filled the thermoses and ON THE ROAD AGAIN!  Left home at 8:00 am and headed for Cabot. AR.  It's just  a little ways outside Little Rock.  Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day anyway.  The trip went fine, made it to the house by 1:30 pm and then got to visit for a little while.  Always nice to visit, and my older brother was there too.  Had some good laughs, caught up on some doctor stuff and then back in the truck for the trip home.  We made it home in time to watch the 10 o'clock news.  It was another whirlwind tour that we are known for.  Couldn't have done it without Sally's help.  She fed in the evening for me.  I don't think she knows how much I appreciate that!  Knowing your leaving someone in charge that is going to take good care of the horses is such a relief!!!

This is Moochy and Hoss, a mother/son team.  He loves his momma.

This is Bonnie, my cat.  I leave her there because I don't think she would make the trip and adjustment well.  She is approximately 20 years old and is perfectly content to live on the back porch, catch birds and mice and chase off the local raccoon that tries to eat her food.

This is dad.  He keeps it all running smooth down there.  Works to hard most of the time.

This is Sherman, (as in tank).  He is a purebred Walking Horse my mom raised.

This is Ravven, mom's pride and joy.  Registered TWH.  She is between 25 and 30 years old.  Not sure.  She is the momma to Sherman and Calley.

And this is Calley, Ravven's first foal.  She is also a registered TWH.  She was being standoffish.

Some how I didn't get any pictures of JR or my brother.  Have to get some next time.  It was a good trip though, and great to see everyone.  Now back to work and reality....

Monday, October 12, 2009

More trail riding....

The trail ride started sharply at 9:30am as posted.  everyone was ready to go and the one riding the paint was back on his horse.  It was still pretty chilly and everyone was dressed for warmth.  Started off pretty simple, but didn't take long to find our first hill.  It was down hill first, then across a small stream and back up the hill.  At the top of the second hill my husband was laughing, said he was waiting for me to slide off the back of my horse.  I explained to him that that wouldn't be happening.

There were a lot of different horses and mules.  The was even a zorse.  It was dark bay, but you could see the zebra stripes.     


This is what Sally calls a self portrait, she had the camera so there are no pictures of her riding!

Lots of pretty views.

Of coarse most of the pictures are of the easier spots on the trail.  Hard to take pictures when your hanging on.

Marlin and I following along.

Back to base for lunch.  Lunch provided.  It was nice.  Had a silent auction and a 50/50 drawing.  Everyone relaxed.

More to come..........


Well, survived the weekend.  We decided to go on the trail ride to benifit Diabetes Education for the community put on by the Hospital here.  I worked Tues., Wens., and Thurs. night.  It rained Thurs., alot!  I think we got over 5 inches of rain.  It didn't flood too bad but Friday when I went to feed the girls, the ones going on the trail ride early Sat. morning they were covered in mud and had burrs in their mains and tails, lots of burrs.  UUGGGGGG.  They didn't look like that that morning, what were they thinking!!!!   So, on the spur of the moment I hooked up the trailer and Sally helped me move them over to the house and put them in the stalls there.  We would just have to start at daybreak to try to clean them up.  And it would be cold so probably no bath either.

Saturday morning I was up at 5 o'clock making sure all saddles and bridles were ready.  Oh, by the way, Marlin was out of town and didn't get back until about 1 o'clock in the morning Saturday morning so I was on my own getting stuff ready until Sally got here.  Sally arrived at 7:15 while I was feeding.  She started working on burrs and mud.  Fiqured we had to leave by 8:15 to get there on time.  Somehow we did it, got them cleaned up, the trailer loaded and everyone in the trailer.  Off to the ride.

It was very cold, 34 degrees when I got up, but everyone was ready.  The ride was on a ranch just 20 minutes from the house.  It was wonderful, very scenic.  Sally took 141 pictures.

Saddling up in the morning.

Marlin and Garry, Marlin with new hat

Everyone is ready to start.

Was a good turnout and some even spent the night Friday night.  Too cold for me.  No electric or water on site.  The horses were feeling pretty good with the cold weather and someone on a paint got bucked off before everyone was ready to go.  What a way to start your day.  Guess it was like the old cowboy days.  But the sun was shining, no clouds and no rain!  I was a little nervous.  We had the only arabians there and I was the only one riding in an english saddle.  Just call me crazy.  Well 9:30 and time to start the show!

More to come...........

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tulsa State Fair!

It has been a very busy, but rewarding week.  Last Tuesday was very busy, after getting off work at 7 am and sleeping a few hours the packing and preparing for the show started.  Getting the trailer ready for "camping out" at the fair.  Getting horses ready.  Without Sally and family it would have been almost impossible!  Sally bathed horses, helped pack and we had time to clip horses before the sun went down.  To bed early, so rise and shine on Wensday.

Wensday morning, 5 am, wide awake.  Start gathering last minute stuff, checking to make sure everything is there.  Packing more in the trailer, planning how the day will go.  Sally and Patience were here before 8:30 and moved all their stuff from one vehicle to another.  Everythings packed, feeds in the truck, hay, shavings, now horses.

The loading went great and Sally didn't panick, Chester almost beat her into the trailer.  He had a short small fit after the door was closed, then off to pick up Prize and on to Tulsa.  We were in Tulsa and unloading before 1 o'clock.  Doing better than I thought.  After the unloading, Marlin went home to feed and will be back tomorrow with Mom to watch the show.  Set up our "happy home" for the next  days and then worked with the horses.

Of coarse, as soon as Prize went into her stall she came in, there were 2 stallions behind her, and my complements to both those stallions.  They were extremely well behaved despite her offers.  We did move her before night fall though, just in case.  But she was wound up for Prize.  Rode her in the arena and she calmed down after a while.  Patience had a practice session and did well.  She is very independant and was frustrated because I wouldn't just let her go!

Off to the trailer for planning for the next day and as much sleep as possible.  Woke Sally up at 5 am so we could all get a shower and have time to work with the boys before the show started.

Everything has gone quite well and we're dressed and ready to go.  Then, after all the hurry up, theres a big wait.  The fair has decided to use our arena to do a foto shoot.  It worked out though because I went ahead a braided Chester.  No braids for Tez, he is too western looking.  I'm pretty nervous by this point, I have never done Sport Horse in Hand before and neither have the horses.  Sally went first and did very well.  I was really proud of both of them, Sally and Chester.  The judge was really nice, and helpful.  I think he could see the fear and panic on our faces.  I made it through and Tex did OK.  Now off to get Prize ready.

During the break, I took Prize up to warm up and she was just full of herself.  She even crow hopped a little.  I was in a major panic, I can't let Patience ride her if she is going to act like that!  What to do.  I kept riding and she calmed some.  Finally Patience arrived dressed and ready.  Well, we'll give a shot but on a lunge line at first just to be sure.  Again, Patience is getting agrivated with me because I won't just let go.  Finally I got brave and let them go and Patience and Prize went to work.  It was amazing, the confidence that little girl has and the determination.  She paid attention to the other horses working and were she was going and did great!  I am still a nervous wreck!  Finally, time for their class and I walk them to the gate and tell them good luck. 

It was amazing, they did awesome!!!!  And at one point Patience was on the wrong diagonal and corrected it!  I was so proud.  I went out as header so Sally could take pictures.  Grinning from ear to ear.  I won't doubt Patience again.  And then the pictures, with her 3rd place ribbon........

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots to say!!!!!!

Back from the Tulsa State Fair, had a great time!  Lots of new firsts.  Sally showed Wynchester DB in Sport Horse in Hand, Geldings 2 and under and got first place!  I got second with Nitez DB.  Patience showed Sweet Surprize in the Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure class and got 3rd and had an awesome ride!  We were so nervous, I was about to pass out, but Patience was cool and calm and they looked great!  Will have pictures up latter today, the camera is buried in the trailer right now.  Sally made the 5 o'clock news with Chester.  They are now TV stars, hahaha.  I think they had a great time.  More later with pictures...........