Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So It's been awhile

So yes, it has been months since I posted anything. Didn't know what to post. Lot of changes, lot of unanswered questions. A lot has happened this year. I always ask why and don't always get an answer, then I analyze and wonder and re analyze. Just a habit......

So in May, went to the spring show in Tulsa, in a lot of ways it was a disaster for me. I took 2 two year old's for halter, Prize so Patience could ride in the walk/trot class and Sally took Chester and Patience's new horse Rascle.

Sally and Chester did very well. Competed in Sport Horse in Hand, Geldings in a good size class, against horses that have won at Regionals in this class. He got a 3rd and a 4th I believe. I was very proud of both......

And Patience showed Rascle in Sport Horse in hand mares and did awsume, got a 2nd from one judge in a class of 7. Was extremely proud of both of them! They looked so good.

I, on the other hand had a nightmare of a show. First Sweety caused a scene and we couldn't put her in the trailer with anyone else, so we had to make 3 trips to the show. On the 3rd trip the truck broke down. Had to finish hauling horses the next morning. Was totally exhausted. Got all the horses there but just couldn't pull it together. Prize came up lame so Patience didn't get to ride. Never got to show Racheal, Sweety was still acting awful. Then finally the trip home. I was totally frustrated, exhausted, and out of sorts. Back to 3 trips with horses, everything was going well, then the 3rd trip down, a blow out. Took 3 extra hours before it was over. Random saved us on the side of the rode. Looking back was glad we hadn't picked up the last of the horses yet! So made it home and left it in the history books as my worst show ever.
Then Sally moved her horses, found a better place that was cheaper for her. She had some problems with getting a new job and such. She hasn't been around since.
Of course dealing with "family issues" all year has taken a lot out of me. But hanging in there.
Haven't got much else done on the barn but trying. Kind of on my own right now.
In August a friend from the horse show side of my life showed up and got me inspired again. Ended up taking Trucker to the Tulsa State Fair and showing him in Sport Horse in Hand Stallions. Was a much better time and a much better show for me. He was Reserve Champion.
Was getting more done around here and horses were back in the spot light in my life. Things seemed to be leveling out for me some.
And now winter is on its way and things seem to be falling apart again. I keep pushing and working and trying. Guess I'm hard headed and I'm definitely not a quitter. Have been riding Trucker some and the goal is Sport Horse under Saddle next year, maybe even all the way to Nationals in Kentucky. That's my goal anyway.
Did get to go to Nationals again. Watched some of my friends show and some win. It was great seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. It seemed to be a more relaxed show this year. Some of the same complaints, like "how can you put together a party around here." Although I did see a lot of champagne and wine glasses throughout the show. I guess for some it's about the party and the socializing and what...horses.....oh yea, it is a horse show. Did have wonderful comments from some locals that went out of curiosity, they were amazed at the beautiful horses and the versatility, they didn't know arabian horses could do so much. They thought the show was amazing and had a great time. I think someone should think about what is important to keeping this breed growing, parties and socializing or those wonderful, versatile, beautiful horses that make it all possible.
Just a thought...........