Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Much to Say

Well, been very busy, but not much to say.  Have been getting ready for the last show of the year.  Cleaning up, packing things, cleaning the trailer, I did the inside.  Sally and her husband, Random did the outside and did an awesome job.  The old trailer never looked better!  Sally has been bathing horses, she's really good at it.  We all pitched in on Prize.  She now is a white horse like she should be.  Marlin, my husband has been encouraging us all.  Thinks everyone is doing a great job.  Yesterday though I didn't feel good and didn't get much accomplished.  Then I left Sally and Random to do the outside of the trailer, sorry guys, but you did do an awesome job.  Well, today is sleep.  Then tomorrow, the farrier comes to do last minute clean up on the boys.  Packing the trailer and grocery shopping.  Then it will be on to Wensday and off to the fair grounds.  I do so hope Patience and Sally do good and have a good time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a weekend!

Well, Wensday the vet came to draw coggins, Thursday drove to Arkansas and back.  Friday, worked horses.  Saturday Patience rode for 1 1/2 hours and Sally rode Garry bareback.  Sunday, what a Sunday.  Sally and Patience rode for over an hour.  Patience gave Prize quite the workout.  We had a practice walk/trot class.  I think Patience gets nervous and tries to hard when everyone is watching.  Sally rode Garry bareback again, I think Garry really likes that better than a saddle.  Garry and Sally tried their hand at herding Fugly the walking horse.  Did pretty good.  Our wonderful husbands worked on the barn all day!  They got the side wall up on the east side.  It looks bigger and is really starting to look like a barn, at least on one side.  I also got one of Patiences "bibs" done for the horse show.  (looks like a hunt shirt under your jacket, but its just the front and collar)  Second one is half done.  Started on cleaning out the trailer, lot to do there.  And for my husband, I got laundry done!  I also got the pictures of Trucker and Auti framed and ready for the show.  Still have tomorrow, at least morning, before I have to go back to work.  Wonder what we'll get done tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here's the pictures of Chester and his new red cooler.  I think he likes it!

Just working......

Went to see Robert and JR.  One of our whirlwind tours.  13 hours, 600 miles and time to eat lunch.  Took them to lunch and had a good time visiting then back up the highway with the trailer.  Need to clean it some, but not too bad.  It's just bigger and easier than mine when there's more than one person going to a show.

Patience had a good ride last night even after a couple of weeks off.  Her posting is getting stronger and she hardly ever misses the diagonal.  She's coming again this morning to practice.  I think Sally is going to ride too.

Yesterday Sally put the cooler on Chester, and she's done such a great job of sacking him out that he didn't even blink.  Got pictures but have to download them yet.  Will in a little while.
My list of things to get done is getting shorter but so is my time.  Need to pick up frames today for the pictures of Trucker and Auti, need to finish Patience's bibs for the show.  Need to work horses.  But getting there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

OK, I'm back ....I think

Yes, it has been some time. Been really busy. Working more on the barn, trying to get the minor details taken care of for the show, work, etc., etc. Haven't been riding enough. After Patience's last ride the allergies and asthma got the best of her, so she hasn't been out to ride. Then Sally's boys got sick, then Sally got sick. Marlin has had a rough time with allergies, it's just going around. The farrier has been out. The vet is coming next Wednesday for coggins on Prize and Garry. Going Thursday to pick up Mom's trailer for the state fair show. Still have to sew Patience's shirts, but they are cut out and ready to go. Must work with Tez. Getting a better idea of what I need to do with the Sport Horse in Hand. See, been very busy, very distracted.

Also very proud of how the web site is shaping up. Re-worked Autograph's page and added a pedigree page. Almost done with Trucker's page and pedigree page. Then, I have to absolutely get the for sale page up. Can't seem to find pictures of Shiver that I like and his owner hasn't sent any new ones to me. Need to fiqure that out. Ok, so I am still really distracted. Did have a fun day yesterday.

The Green Country Arabian Horse Association had it's Stallion Auction yesterday at Ralston's Training Center and I drug Sally along. I knew my husband just wouldn't want to go and I didn't want to go by myself. They had two interesting speakers. The first was from a place that collects stallions and assists with shipping and freezing, etc. Very informative and gave prices and ideas. The next was Stan Morey, a trainer and National Judge. He was great. Discussed Arabian Halter. Was very informative and helpful. He was part of instituting or coming up with the new judging process. Sally took many pictures. They had a silent auction at the end and cake. Then it started raining, so headed home. Good day though. Sent Sally all the pictures, so none to post for me. Can't think of any thing else right now, still too distracted. Maybe later I'll think of more interesting things.