Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To wonderful Friends

Sometimes you forget or just overlook how wonderful people can be in the midst of daily life.

With that said, let me start at the beginning of this week. It's been cold and muddy again, not much horse working going on, couldn't do shoes on the horses on Monday, maybe Tuesday, it's at least supposed to be sunny and in the 40's. So arrangements are made....

I have to recert ACLS Tuesday morning at work. No problem, get through quickly, then back home in time to eat a quick lunch and call the farrier. Everything is goin well at this point. Then the call......Clint, one of my stepsons calls....There's a situation, dad needs to come out, one of us is in trouble! Marlin doesn't have his phone, he's not home, off to look for the farrier, around, find Marlin, make arrangements, he's on his way......Well, now what. Just take a nap......

When I wake up, things are looking up some. Contacted a friend about the puppy Sally found to see if she knew of anyone that might need a cute poodle type puppy. From there it seemed fast and furious. Anne FB me a message to send her a picture of the puppy and she would put it on FB. I sent the picture to her.....

She is really cute, after Sally spent all morning Monday cutting out the mats and burrs and giving her a bath. She is very sweet.

Less than an hour latter I get a message from Anne that she has a new home for the puppy, seriously, less than an hour! And it will be a wonderful forever home, sounds like. Talked to June, a nurse, and this little cutie is just what they have been looking for since she lost her other dog. Yea!!!! Really great news, I just wish it was always that easy! Can't tell Anne thanks enough!

Called Sally who was on her way home from work in Tulsa, she was elated. And a little bit latter, Sally tx me that her car is broke down so on to the next crisis!

The farrier called this morning just as I was getting to Sally's house to follow her to the shop to have the car looked at. It would die everytime you stopped or sometimes when you slowed down. Well, didn't think I would have time today either, cause the new puppy person was coming this afternoon, and had to make sure Sally and everyone was where they needed to be. He is very understanding, the farrier that is.

Oh, by the way, my husband finally called this morning and is getting everything straightened out in Stillwater with the boys.

So now I am home and all the wind is out of my sails and just not motivated now to do anything! Maybe a nap and then out into the sunny, maybe dry round pen to work horses. Sounds like a wonderful plan.......

By the way, I may turn my phone off.......

Not really.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another good day...

Was another sunny day, started off cold but warmed up nicely. Worked horses in the round pen again. This time started off with Sammy, a 2 year old colt. He did well. He is going to be English but his rear end will take some work. Really nice shoulder though.
Then came Gracie, another Diva. She either wants to stand still in the round pen and get attention or run with tail up and snorting. Not much in between with her. You end up just standing there waiting for her to stop. At times she starts off well, but then she sets herself off and away she goes!
Next was Tez, he is laid back. Needed laid back after Gracie. He is going to be an awesome western horse. And he's very smart. Makes it easy.
On to Sweetie again. She did much better this time. Behaved well, lunged nicely and learning whoa! It just takes practice.

Racheal was the next through the gate. She is very well mannered. She is going to be a great performance horse. My husband was there watching so he took some pictures with my phone. Not great, and you'll have to excuse the mud. Not warm enough yet to put the hose to 'em. But you can get an idea.

He could have left me out of the picture but he was asking what button to push. I had to stop and show him twice. Probably missed the great picture but this will do for now.

I grabbed Spot next. She is a half arabian, the other half is a registered Paint mare, Missy. Missy is a tobiano mare with lots of white. My husband bought her to breed to Trucker for color, well he got lots of color, almost liver chestnut with not one white hair on her. Have teased him about that for a long time now. I told him you don't breed for color. People can end up with something really bad. In Spot's case, got excellent conformation, a good mind, quick learner and found out today, she can buck like a quarter horse. No foolen around, she gets it done. She had just a couple spirts of bucking but they were all feeling pretty good today.

I worked with Narly too. He's not ready for the round pen but he was lead around and his feet picked up. He only threw one fit, and it was a short one. When Narly was younger, he threw a fit when being led and flipped over. Hit his head just right and had a seizure. Very scary, first time I had seen that. It took a week for him to recover and he has had no residual affects but I worry about him anyway. I definitely don't want him to hit his head again. So now he has his bluff in on me.

Was a great day to be outside. And then Sally came by to work with Chester. He got a hair cut...

After Sally worked with him on the ground, she got the saddle out and worked with him a bit. Not a whole lot of time in the saddle but he is getting used to having weight on his back. Taking baby steps so no one gets hurt, but lots of progress being made!

Sooooo, on to the next day...........

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby steps...

Had a great Valentine's Day. My husband bought me roses! First time. Must have done something right, just not sure what!?

And now for baby steps....Have been in a slump for some time. With the weather being so bad, cold, snow, ice, and then mud and slime, haven't been able to work any horses. But we have had a few days in the past week that have been decent. Today was cold and windy but I still worked with a couple of the now 2 year old's. A little round pen work to get them started. Ease in to it slowly, they seem to learn faster that way. Don't want to throw too much at them at once.

Racheal did fine, she's a quick study and seemed to remember what she learned last year. She wasn't bothered by the other horses around her when going to the round pen either. She's getting quite big at right about 15 hands, and she won't be 2 until May. She has a great engine on back, nice shoulder and really level headed for an Arabian/Saddlebred cross! She will do well at halter and then be an awesome performance horse. Hunter pleasure I think.

Then on to Sweety. Please take that name with a grain of salt. She is very sweet in a diva sort of way. She just loves attention and would also like to think she is the boss. Her mom was the Alpha mare and it shows. She is beautiful, a dark, almost black going to be grey. She is one week younger than Racheal but just as big. Going to be a big girl! But very feminine. Just loves to show off. She was a little snortier going to the round pen but didn't try to run off with me. Once in the round pen it was tail up and snort but she did listen to me. She is very athletic, loves to run. I believe she is a lesson or two behind Racheal, she needs to learn woe, (not sure how to spell that). But she did do better than expected. She'll be great in halter, if she learns to stop and plant, she wants to be close, might have something for her in your pocket.

At any rate, it was good to get them out and working. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I'll be able to work them and the rest again tomorrow and the next day! Would really like to ride Trucker tomorrow and Auti. I really need to get something done around here. Just have to take baby steps.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby time!

The weather has been awful and not much going on except preparing because of the predicted storms that thankfully didn't happen. This week we were supposed to get up to 12 inches of snow. All we got was flurries! But Terry and Linda Seimers got a new baby! A colt out of their Autograph daughter Daisy. She was out of a mare, Patches, who was 1/2 Arabian, 1/4 fox trotter and 1/4 appaloosa. What a mix, but a very good horse. Terry raises fox trotters but owns a purebred Arabian gelding by Autograph named Autographs Sport, and Daisy and at one time Rosie, Daisy's full sister. His neighbor now owns Rosie so she's just across the street. This is a very nice colt. Looks like he'll be black or possibly blue roan. Don't know what the blue roan horses look like as babies but he has a dull mousy colored coat. He also appears to be very "gaited". Congratulations Terry and Linda!