Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More family time

I found pictures of Sara.  This is the serious side of my daughter in law.  Notice the smile.  It is always there!

Sara and Justin, big baseball fans.  Especially the St. Louis Cardinals!

Mom and Kaleb, always having a good time.  Notice, still smiling!

Kobe and mom, her smile is infectious.  I really appreciate that.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

OK, change of pace!

This is my youngest grandson, Kobe.  he looks just thrilled to death with his halloween costume!

This is Kaleb and Kobe earlier this year in daddy's new convertable.  I think they like it.

Justin, my son, and Kaleb when they came to visit this summer.  They live just south of St. Louis.

Kobe, the innocent little monkey, on top of the head board.  He turned 1 in August.

Not sure where they are, but looks like they're having fun.  Kaleb is 5 and has started kindergarten this year and is doing very well.  He started basketball last week and I think today is they're first game.  Of coarse the one in charge of the scedule of games must be a woman because it is the first day of deer season in Missouri and even the coach won't be there.  Should be an interesting game!  Now I need to get pictures of Sara, my daughter in law too, she's always taking the pictures.

and MORE.......

This is from the Breeder's Sweeps Colts class.

The costume class.

I believe that is Adam's Afire.....He is awsume to watch, makes it all look so easy.

Halloween is here, (and gone now), a whole lot of people got into the spirit, hehee, and dressed up on Saturday night.

This is one of the Junior Stallions, was a beautiful class with Aria Impresario winning, Mr. Byatt was his handler, like the way he shows his horses.  I have a picture but I have to fiqure out witch one it is...........

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More please....

They had a contest with Cowboy shooting off horse back.  The trainers got involved to raise money for he AHA research fund.  It was fun to watch, even the halter trainers got in on it, and were beating the English trainers.  It does look like fun.

This one I know is Rob Bick, I think he was for the Western team, don't remember.

This is Marg hiding behind her friend, Troy's puppy.  OK, it was not a puppy but a miniature Ausy and the sweetest little dog.  Made you just want to take her home.  This is right after Marg finished her trail class.  Rio did much better but didn't make the cut.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Highlights from Nationals!

Ok, this was a big highlight of the National Show.  This is Margaret Lucus, a great horse show friend.  She received 4 top tens in Pure bred Trail Horse, Open and Amatuer and THE Champion and Reserve Champion in Trail, Amateur!  Way to go Meg!!!!!!  By the way, Meg is a great person, very knowlegable, fun to be around and she trains her own horses!

This is MiKael from Mikael's Mania, a blog I follow.  She's from Washington State and a brave women, driving alone to Tulsa.  She didn't make top ten on her stallion, "Legs", but she looked great out there.

This is some of the Endurance riders presenting the flags for the final session on Halloween night at the Pavillion, I just think that's neet that they were there.  (Riding the green, for a change)

The halloween festivities were really fun.  They actually let these 2 into the Junior Stallion class on Saturday night.  It was an awsume class and everyone was having a great time.

Well, back to sort through more of the 200+ pictures I have.........

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

US Nationals!

It was an exciting week.  Got to see old friends, watch friends compete, meet new friends, shop and watch many, many beautiful horses.  Over the next couple of days I will post pictures.  Can't do it from this computer unfortunately.  There weren't near as many vendors this year.  The economy has really affected the shopping.  I did buy a few things.  A new dressage book, stirrups and show supplies. 
I watched show hack, western pleasure, hunter pleasure, working cow, reining, reined cow, country english pleasure, english pleasure, park horse, halter, costume classes, combination classes, cart classes.....the versatility of the arabian is amazing.  The classes were really deep this year, of coarse it is Nationals, but the horses were wonderful. 
Got to see Mike and Hollie, Cindy, Denise and Allen, Marg, Meg and family, Lisa, Kathy, Diane, a bunch of people from the Green Country Arabian Horse Association, Jay and Robin and the list goes on...
Sally took the kids on the first Saturday and they seemed to have a good time. 

The halter classes were great, watched many beautiful horses strut their stuff.  Halloween night was lots of fun with all the different costumes, people watching was really interesting.

Did lots of walking, talking, and just watching.  The horseback gun shooting was interesting and it was nice to see some of the big trainers get involved for a good cause. 

The endurance people were there the last night and presented the flags for the opening ceremony.  They also received there ribbons and trophies at the show.  I don't know how many times that has acctually happened that the competitions were in the same state at the same time to make that possible but it was really nice.

I think I will save the details and stories for when I get the pictures on here.  Makes it much more interesting.
It was a long week but entertaining and at times educational.