Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More work done! With the nice weather, they were able to finish putting up the doors on the first stalls in the barn. The boys did a nice job. It will look even better when painted and the wood on and the floors done.

They were welding the last latch on in this picture. Kept grumbling something about camera disappearing. I just laughed and told them to wait till they see themselves on line!

The doors are a little bit heavy duty, but should last a long time. My husband doesn't want anything getting out. I don't think they'll try.

I call it my elephant proof barn. Now I am excited to see what we get done this weekend! Maybe soon it will be back to training like I want to do. Have been lungeing horses but not real difficult work. My right shoulder is killing me right now and lungeing and unloading feed, etc. is only making it worse. Can't afford to take time off for surgery so just have to get through. First show is in approximately 6 weeks and I have to keep working to get ready.

The last picture is of one of the small outside doors. The top wooden panel folds down to let air circulate through the barn. That was my husbands idea. GOOD JOB!
Well hopefully, more pictures soon, either horses or barn.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New pictures, new progress

Well look, it's a door! Not just any door but a door my husband designed and with a little help from friends built just for me! The top has bars and the wood folds down to let the breeze in. Of coarse they are dutch doors so the top will open separate from the bottom or together. They are heavy duty too, I told him to just make them so I can open them without a struggle and he did.

This is the inside of that stall, actually will be 2 stalls when done and right now it is serving as tack/feed room until that room is done. We call it elephant proof. I told him Autograph would be insulted for thinking he might need something this strong.

This is my husband and his partner in crime Pete, aka big gnome. My husband is little gnome and as of today they thought it funny to call me momma gnome! HAHA, I don't know about that. Back to the stall, It now has the bottom door on and the bars. Next the side wall and the wood on the inside of the stall and the floor leveled and it is done. Then the tack/feed room, the real one!

These 2 pictures are my husband working on the outside door. They also put up 2 more doors but I guess I didn't get pictures of those. Oh well, it is definitely progress. Maybe next week I see more progress.

Maybe someday I will have stalls to put horses up in so they can look like real show horses, all pampered and stuff. I have the hose boom for the wash rack, planning ahead. A little encouragement for my "little gnome". I have shelves, small refrig., saddle racks, all kinds of stuff for the tack/feed room. Been waiting for a while. Soon, soon.!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here and a new camera.....

Spring is here! And the snow is almost gone!! Was trying out the new camera and it takes pretty good close ups. There are green things out there growing, ain't it wonderful.....

The only thing that was somewhat entertaining was Ms. Black. She was on the hunt for some excitement.....

She was just looking for something to do... or some way of getting into trouble I am sure...

Then Sally showed up and became my next victim......Her and Chester....

OOPS, forgot to rotate this one. I think he was telling me to just hurry up so I can get back to the green stuff that is out here!

Maybe today the mud won't be so bad and I can get prettier pictures of the horses. We'll see.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just some pictures

Just some pictures from yesterday evening. There were many oportunities for lovely pictures but my camera wouldn't work right. The cardinals would be in the trees, or a Robin hopping along the ground or a wren on the side of the house...

Everytime I would try to use the zoom the camera would shut off. Or by the time a would get the camera and get back the birds would be gone.

Finally gave up and just took pictures out the windows.

It was pretty, looked like Christmas, but I am ready for SPRING thank you very much!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


OK, it's official. Oklahoma weather is just crazy! The picture below is of my husband and stepson getting ready to go fishing yesterday, 3/19/10 at about 5:00 PM. It was 70 degrees and beautiful! Clint caught a 4lb 8oz bass and there were 10 other bass on the stringer. It was a relaxing day. Then.......

This is a picture of Clint and his bass just before he released in our farm pond. This was taken about 6:30 on Friday.

I got up this morning and when it was light enough outside, I took some pictures...

This is another angle of where the boys were standing just 14 hours ago.

They say this is just the start, the weather man says most of the snow will be tonight and tomorrow. You know the weather man has been wrong before. They were even wrong today, they said it wouldn't start till noon!