Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Trails

After not enough sleep today, Sally and I went for a just for fun trail ride. It was very relaxing even for the horses. The weather was perfect. The weather is supposed to be great all weekend so I need to ride as much as I can, isn't that just terrible, HAHA. I did get a few pictures, so here they are.....
Thought the pictures would load below the paragraph, oh well. To tired to fiqure it out

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a day!

Finally got pictures of the barn. Doesn't look like much right now but it will be great when it's done.

Got home from work this morning and was in bed before 8am. Woke up at 1130am and started helping with the BARN ROOF! Was well worth missing sleep. My wonderful husband and Sally's wonderful husband got the roof on the barn, at least the part that was ready. that's half of it. I'll take pictures tomorrow. Not really much to see yet but getting ever closer. Then back inside for a nap. Got up and fed the horses, then Patience wanted to ride, and she really did well today. She posted today at the trot and had brilliant moments. Her mom and I were really proud. Dad didn't quite understand.

Then this evening I got started on Trucker's page on my website, Published the page too! Getting the hang of it. Still needs alot of work and the pages will be updated frequently till I think they are right.

Then my husband went to bed and yelled. Yes Sally, I have a funny cat story tonight. The cat that is a special needs kitty, evidently forgot where the litter box was and used our bed instead. So Marlin took a shower and I started washing clothes and sheets etc. Going to be a later night than I thought.

Well, it is after midnight and it is going to be another busy day tomorrow so I'm going to finish up and go to bed.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Morning world

Well, just got up. Bad idea, long night at work. So much to do, so little time. Story of my life. Need to get Stallions page done on web site. Need to work on flyers for stallion auction, need to work on pictures. Need to make list for next show. Need to work horses, bath horses, ..... ARGHHHHHH. Tired, have 2 1/2 hours before I get ready for work. Overload overload overload, maybe I'll just sit here.

Ahhhh, venting does help, but it doesn't get anything done. Checked my facebook and there were new pictures of my beautiful grandbabies. I miss them. They live to far away. Was great having them here this summer. And Kaleb enjoyed riding, yea!!!!! Kobe just wanted to hold the horses noses. (Are those real words)

Sally payed me a huge complement the other day. After giving her my horse conformation book. It is the Grey's anatomy book for horses. She said after reading it that my horses have great conformation, she never realized! Made me smile real big.

Well, must get busy, get as much done before going to work...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to what's been happening.

After the horses getting out and fixing the fence I did manage to get some sleep. The next big thing is a new web site. Pulled my hair out all weekend trying to fiqure out the program. Finally "published" it today. Not much, but it is a start. Told my husband, We're just all over the web! Thanks Sally for the push and encouragement. Patience came to ride yesterday and was having a fairly average day when Prize decided to be lazy and pull some tricks. Patience was ready to quit and said so. Wrong, her mom and I both told her your not done yet. Patience got mad and suddenly started riding. Prize woke up and behaved and they had a wonderful ride after that. It rained in waves today, so it was an inside day, hence getting the web site up. Sally just emailed me from work to say it is up and running! Yea! Well getting late.

Well, it's been a while.....

Alot has happened since last posting. Starting with a week ago last Friday. Came home from work, normal morning, got ready for bed, in bed by 8am. Deep sleep, "Honey, wake up, the horses are out..." What!?! I was dressed and out the door, carrying my shoes of course before my husband! First thing I see as I run into the front yard is horses running. Looks like Gracie and Soli on the outside of the fence, boys are still in, so much dust, running towards the corner. I run down the driveway, still carrying my shoes! "Get a bucket of feed!" I yell as I run out the driveway, the horses turn back and run towards the highway, OH HELL! Running down the road, turn the corner, boys still in pen, where's the hole in the fence, where's the horses that are out, they've gone around the next corner by the highway, hurry up. Still carrying my shoes, running through the grass and weeds. Heart pounding. Round the next corner, wait, no horses on the wrong side of the fence. Count, 1,2,3, 4, there's Soli and Gracie, in their pen, oh no yearlings, 1,2,3,4,5, momma, baby, WHAT! They are all in. Who was that...My husband yell's, dark bay going toward the station! But there isn't one, he can't see out here. Look, hole in fence, yearling pen, but they're all up? Fix fence. Here comes Sweety, ah ha! She's in the pen but has cuts and scrapes, fresh ones. She put herself up and I bet Rachel was out with her.

Well the fence got fixed and I managed to get my heart to calm down, then nervously went back to bed. Oh, by the way, I put my shoes on when I realized they were all up in the pens. That is just one 5 minute period in my life. Other than that pretty calm weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, this morning after feeding and watering, went to turn out horses. Narly, Weeble, and Charm with baby Eddie in tow are in the small pen. They are all just hanging out waiting for me. Charm and Eddie are standing at the gate with Narly close by when Eddie decides to check him out. He cautiously walks over and smells his side. About that time he notices what might be another feeding spout. Narly didn't know what to do so he just smelled little Eddie while Eddie tried to nurse. At this point mom notices that baby is "over there" and turns to retrieve said baby. Narly who has been punished already for getting to close to baby turns to flee at a calm trot. Well, Eddie was so busy concentrating on the new possible feeding spot that he just goes right along with Narly, hugging his side like it was his momma. Now the chase is on, fortunately a fairly calm chase. Eddie is hugging Narly's side, Narly's trying to get away and mom is trying to catch baby. Where's the video camera when you need it!!. About 3 laps into the chase mom finely cuts Eddie off and as if nothing happened, she stops and he goes to nursing the real thing. It was all really quite cute. Need to start carrying camera, video, etc with me all the time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One crazy....

Well, trying to get the hang of this. My IT technician is not here to help so I am attempting this on my own. Look out.

It was a long weekend with working 4 days in a row, (I work 12 hour shifts), and they were busy shifts. Friday Sally called at 6:15 AM breathless, yelling "it's here, it's here, she had the baby!" I was initially thinking she had lost her mind, but it was I that was lost. She was already going home from work, and she was talking about my mare, Charm, who we have been waiting on for 3 months to foal. Well it is a beautiful chestnut colt with a star. (Will attempt a picture). I think his name will be Late Edition and I will call him Eddie. He is healthy, happy and driving his mom crazy.

Other than that the only fun thing this weekend was Sally coming by the house and bathing the 2 year olds. Or attempting to. Marlin, my husband, was witness to her frustration when Solitair decided that she wanted nothing to do with the hose, or bath, etc. So today I had a talk with dear old Soli and she was scrubbed from head to tail and she behaved fairly well. Sally tried to get pictures, but thank goodness the camera wasn't working. Wouldn't want pictures of me in shorts giving a horse a bath, mud and all, to be public. SSCARYYY.

Well on to attaching a picture to this.

Hey, look quys, I did it!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is something new. Not sure what to say at this point. Just going to see if this really works. I am sure Sally will have me up and running with this in no time. Going to add pictures from home. So much to do to get up to date with all the new gadgets, etc. Oh well, here goes!!!!!