Saturday, March 20, 2010


OK, it's official. Oklahoma weather is just crazy! The picture below is of my husband and stepson getting ready to go fishing yesterday, 3/19/10 at about 5:00 PM. It was 70 degrees and beautiful! Clint caught a 4lb 8oz bass and there were 10 other bass on the stringer. It was a relaxing day. Then.......

This is a picture of Clint and his bass just before he released in our farm pond. This was taken about 6:30 on Friday.

I got up this morning and when it was light enough outside, I took some pictures...

This is another angle of where the boys were standing just 14 hours ago.

They say this is just the start, the weather man says most of the snow will be tonight and tomorrow. You know the weather man has been wrong before. They were even wrong today, they said it wouldn't start till noon!

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