Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More work done! With the nice weather, they were able to finish putting up the doors on the first stalls in the barn. The boys did a nice job. It will look even better when painted and the wood on and the floors done.

They were welding the last latch on in this picture. Kept grumbling something about camera disappearing. I just laughed and told them to wait till they see themselves on line!

The doors are a little bit heavy duty, but should last a long time. My husband doesn't want anything getting out. I don't think they'll try.

I call it my elephant proof barn. Now I am excited to see what we get done this weekend! Maybe soon it will be back to training like I want to do. Have been lungeing horses but not real difficult work. My right shoulder is killing me right now and lungeing and unloading feed, etc. is only making it worse. Can't afford to take time off for surgery so just have to get through. First show is in approximately 6 weeks and I have to keep working to get ready.

The last picture is of one of the small outside doors. The top wooden panel folds down to let air circulate through the barn. That was my husbands idea. GOOD JOB!
Well hopefully, more pictures soon, either horses or barn.


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  2. Wow, it's really coming along nicely. That's pretty cool!

  3. I don't see a post with the new haircut and pedicure :(