Thursday, March 25, 2010

New pictures, new progress

Well look, it's a door! Not just any door but a door my husband designed and with a little help from friends built just for me! The top has bars and the wood folds down to let the breeze in. Of coarse they are dutch doors so the top will open separate from the bottom or together. They are heavy duty too, I told him to just make them so I can open them without a struggle and he did.

This is the inside of that stall, actually will be 2 stalls when done and right now it is serving as tack/feed room until that room is done. We call it elephant proof. I told him Autograph would be insulted for thinking he might need something this strong.

This is my husband and his partner in crime Pete, aka big gnome. My husband is little gnome and as of today they thought it funny to call me momma gnome! HAHA, I don't know about that. Back to the stall, It now has the bottom door on and the bars. Next the side wall and the wood on the inside of the stall and the floor leveled and it is done. Then the tack/feed room, the real one!

These 2 pictures are my husband working on the outside door. They also put up 2 more doors but I guess I didn't get pictures of those. Oh well, it is definitely progress. Maybe next week I see more progress.

Maybe someday I will have stalls to put horses up in so they can look like real show horses, all pampered and stuff. I have the hose boom for the wash rack, planning ahead. A little encouragement for my "little gnome". I have shelves, small refrig., saddle racks, all kinds of stuff for the tack/feed room. Been waiting for a while. Soon, soon.!


  1. The door looks great. Hope the rest of the work goes as you expect.

  2. They look great, just wish it would be done quicker.