Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To wonderful Friends

Sometimes you forget or just overlook how wonderful people can be in the midst of daily life.

With that said, let me start at the beginning of this week. It's been cold and muddy again, not much horse working going on, couldn't do shoes on the horses on Monday, maybe Tuesday, it's at least supposed to be sunny and in the 40's. So arrangements are made....

I have to recert ACLS Tuesday morning at work. No problem, get through quickly, then back home in time to eat a quick lunch and call the farrier. Everything is goin well at this point. Then the call......Clint, one of my stepsons calls....There's a situation, dad needs to come out, one of us is in trouble! Marlin doesn't have his phone, he's not home, off to look for the farrier, around, find Marlin, make arrangements, he's on his way......Well, now what. Just take a nap......

When I wake up, things are looking up some. Contacted a friend about the puppy Sally found to see if she knew of anyone that might need a cute poodle type puppy. From there it seemed fast and furious. Anne FB me a message to send her a picture of the puppy and she would put it on FB. I sent the picture to her.....

She is really cute, after Sally spent all morning Monday cutting out the mats and burrs and giving her a bath. She is very sweet.

Less than an hour latter I get a message from Anne that she has a new home for the puppy, seriously, less than an hour! And it will be a wonderful forever home, sounds like. Talked to June, a nurse, and this little cutie is just what they have been looking for since she lost her other dog. Yea!!!! Really great news, I just wish it was always that easy! Can't tell Anne thanks enough!

Called Sally who was on her way home from work in Tulsa, she was elated. And a little bit latter, Sally tx me that her car is broke down so on to the next crisis!

The farrier called this morning just as I was getting to Sally's house to follow her to the shop to have the car looked at. It would die everytime you stopped or sometimes when you slowed down. Well, didn't think I would have time today either, cause the new puppy person was coming this afternoon, and had to make sure Sally and everyone was where they needed to be. He is very understanding, the farrier that is.

Oh, by the way, my husband finally called this morning and is getting everything straightened out in Stillwater with the boys.

So now I am home and all the wind is out of my sails and just not motivated now to do anything! Maybe a nap and then out into the sunny, maybe dry round pen to work horses. Sounds like a wonderful plan.......

By the way, I may turn my phone off.......

Not really.


  1. LOL! Go ahead and turn your phone off, I think we can all survive without you for at least an hour :) Thanks.

  2. I know that, just didn't want any more bad news!