Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby steps...

Had a great Valentine's Day. My husband bought me roses! First time. Must have done something right, just not sure what!?

And now for baby steps....Have been in a slump for some time. With the weather being so bad, cold, snow, ice, and then mud and slime, haven't been able to work any horses. But we have had a few days in the past week that have been decent. Today was cold and windy but I still worked with a couple of the now 2 year old's. A little round pen work to get them started. Ease in to it slowly, they seem to learn faster that way. Don't want to throw too much at them at once.

Racheal did fine, she's a quick study and seemed to remember what she learned last year. She wasn't bothered by the other horses around her when going to the round pen either. She's getting quite big at right about 15 hands, and she won't be 2 until May. She has a great engine on back, nice shoulder and really level headed for an Arabian/Saddlebred cross! She will do well at halter and then be an awesome performance horse. Hunter pleasure I think.

Then on to Sweety. Please take that name with a grain of salt. She is very sweet in a diva sort of way. She just loves attention and would also like to think she is the boss. Her mom was the Alpha mare and it shows. She is beautiful, a dark, almost black going to be grey. She is one week younger than Racheal but just as big. Going to be a big girl! But very feminine. Just loves to show off. She was a little snortier going to the round pen but didn't try to run off with me. Once in the round pen it was tail up and snort but she did listen to me. She is very athletic, loves to run. I believe she is a lesson or two behind Racheal, she needs to learn woe, (not sure how to spell that). But she did do better than expected. She'll be great in halter, if she learns to stop and plant, she wants to be close, might have something for her in your pocket.

At any rate, it was good to get them out and working. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I'll be able to work them and the rest again tomorrow and the next day! Would really like to ride Trucker tomorrow and Auti. I really need to get something done around here. Just have to take baby steps.....

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  1. That's a really good pic of Sweetie! I'm glad someone got to get outside with their horses! LOL