Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another good day...

Was another sunny day, started off cold but warmed up nicely. Worked horses in the round pen again. This time started off with Sammy, a 2 year old colt. He did well. He is going to be English but his rear end will take some work. Really nice shoulder though.
Then came Gracie, another Diva. She either wants to stand still in the round pen and get attention or run with tail up and snorting. Not much in between with her. You end up just standing there waiting for her to stop. At times she starts off well, but then she sets herself off and away she goes!
Next was Tez, he is laid back. Needed laid back after Gracie. He is going to be an awesome western horse. And he's very smart. Makes it easy.
On to Sweetie again. She did much better this time. Behaved well, lunged nicely and learning whoa! It just takes practice.

Racheal was the next through the gate. She is very well mannered. She is going to be a great performance horse. My husband was there watching so he took some pictures with my phone. Not great, and you'll have to excuse the mud. Not warm enough yet to put the hose to 'em. But you can get an idea.

He could have left me out of the picture but he was asking what button to push. I had to stop and show him twice. Probably missed the great picture but this will do for now.

I grabbed Spot next. She is a half arabian, the other half is a registered Paint mare, Missy. Missy is a tobiano mare with lots of white. My husband bought her to breed to Trucker for color, well he got lots of color, almost liver chestnut with not one white hair on her. Have teased him about that for a long time now. I told him you don't breed for color. People can end up with something really bad. In Spot's case, got excellent conformation, a good mind, quick learner and found out today, she can buck like a quarter horse. No foolen around, she gets it done. She had just a couple spirts of bucking but they were all feeling pretty good today.

I worked with Narly too. He's not ready for the round pen but he was lead around and his feet picked up. He only threw one fit, and it was a short one. When Narly was younger, he threw a fit when being led and flipped over. Hit his head just right and had a seizure. Very scary, first time I had seen that. It took a week for him to recover and he has had no residual affects but I worry about him anyway. I definitely don't want him to hit his head again. So now he has his bluff in on me.

Was a great day to be outside. And then Sally came by to work with Chester. He got a hair cut...

After Sally worked with him on the ground, she got the saddle out and worked with him a bit. Not a whole lot of time in the saddle but he is getting used to having weight on his back. Taking baby steps so no one gets hurt, but lots of progress being made!

Sooooo, on to the next day...........


  1. Are you allowed to post pics of me? Oh well, I guess they could be worse! That was a really productive day...

  2. Hey, I posted pics of ME too!!!!! I was proud of the way Chester acted.